Did You Know?

Our married classmates!


Dan Chase and Renee Blackley (Class of 1964)



Bill Mosler and Maureen Gettings (Class of 1967)



Art Gerbec and Marilyn Vogt (Class of '64)



Lucille Jengo and Steve Johnson (Class of '64)



Delores Weise and John (Jack) Sheehan (deceased)



Joe Iannello and Maryella Duffin (Class of '67) 



Nancy Poppenberg and William Hohensee (Class of '60)



Linda Stewart and Bob Blakita (Class of '63)



Tom Lippard and Marilyn Jones



Rick Creekmore and Cheryl Harter



Drew Krouse and Gretchen Gotthelf



Alex Murchison and Judy Tannenhaus



Steve Moxley and Susan Spencer



Gary Schultz and Barbara Moak



Richie Hartman and Jan MacDermot



Tom Day (deceased) and Karen Ker





Jim Chambers (deceased) and Sue Bramley



Dave Azzarella (deceased) and Linda Kemble



Bob Dana and Louise Ball



Rick Graham and Joan Argus (Class of '64)



Chris Bauer and Jim Luczak (Class of "66)



Sharon Berg and John Hedges (deceased, Class of '63)



John Wingenbach (deceased) and Diane Finch (Class of '66)



Craig Ehnes and Betty Monks (Class of '64)



Larry Ligotti and Florence Loschiavo (Class of '64)



Bill Mucci and Sandy Smith (Class of '66)



Mary Sue Sabia and Mike Klaiber (Class of '64)



Betsy Hoak and Bruce Bowling (Class of '64)



Pat Melbrod and Bob Wolski (deceased, Class of '64)



Kathy Sheridan and Tom Northrup (Class of '64)



Jim Ulrich amd Linda Ramsey (Class of '66)